Welcome to Cornwall Hand Therapy

We are sorry to announce that due to current NHS clinical commitments and BAHT committee roles, Cornwall Hand Therapy are currently unable to accept new patients. Please contact Clarence House or Blue Lotus (through the ‘Locations’ tab above) to discuss physiotherapy services available in-practise, or alternatively contact Rob Jefferies at St Agnes Physiotherapy, a colleague and clinical hand therapy specialist. Thank you.

At Cornwall Hand Therapy, we understand the significant role our hands play in daily life. We also understand the impact a hand injury may have on your ability to perform essential tasks when at work, home, playing sport or engaging in leisure activities. Likewise, we know that the progression of conditions such as osteoarthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome can have an equally profound effect on the function of your hands. With this in mind, Cornwall Hand Therapy aims to provide expert assessment and personal treatment programmes for people with hand and wrist conditions.

The initial session will include a thorough assessment of your hand function, helping the therapist to identify the issues you may be having due to diminished movement, strength, dexterity or as a consequence of pain. This information will help them to form a goal-orientated treatment plan based on your own interests and needs. The bespoke programme will incorporate evidence-based care in targeting the challenges identified through the assessment process.

Depending on need, this programme may include the provision of a splint to provide support or stability to the hand or wrist, exercises and stretches to promote the movement in your joints or strengthening exercises specifically chosen to target the functional limitation. A home exercise programme will also be provided, enabling you to incorporate exercise, strengthening and conditioning into everyday activities. Advice on strategies to manage pain and facilitate gradual return to activities such as work and sport may also be considered.

If you have any questions about the service or wish to discuss the issues you are having, please contact us and we will happily discuss your case prior to arranging an initial appointment. We will only take on your care if we feel we can make a positive difference.

Due to the nature of this work, the assessment and/or treatment of your hand condition may be provided in your home, workplace or in-practice. We are privileged to work alongside colleagues at Clarence House, Penzance and Scorrier House, Scorrier and can offer appointments to fit in around your lifestyle. This includes the possibility of evening and weekend appointments.