Appointment Fees

Initial Consultation: 1 hour

  • Full assessment – to identify the issues you may be having with movement, strength, dexterity and function and to identify appropriate treatment goals;
  • Initial treatment – provision of treatment programme (e.g. movement exercises, stretches or strengthening), functional advice or recommendations for splinting.

Cost: £55

Follow-up appointments: 30-40 minutes

  • Reassessment and review of treatment outcomes/goals, and may include modification of treatment programme, completion of manual treatment approaches (as appropriate), fitting of neoprene splint or formation of thermoplastic splint.

Cost: £35


Splinting costs will vary depending on the splint type and materials used, though it will often be in the region of £20-30 for a thermoplastic splint and £15-30 for a neoprene splint. We aim to minimise costs where possible and whilst splinting is frequently indicated for conditions affecting the hand, alternative methods (e.g. stretches, taping) will be discussed as appropriate and may be trialled as an alternative.

Where treatment is likely to be longer-term (eg. following significant injury) and frequent appointments may be beneficial, please feel free to contact us for discussion on discounted sessions. Alternatively, if you have a case manager involved in your care, you can ask them to contact us for further information if you’d prefer?